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hpi online was founded by Medisure Indemnity Australia in 2011, to provide simple, easy-to-access Professional Indemnity  insurance to Australian Healthcare Practitioners.

With 10 years of experience delivering exceptional insurance solutions to the Australian healthcare sector, we saw a gap in the market – individual insurance coverage for health professionals.

Prior to our entry into the market, health professionals had little choice of where to get their personal Professional Indemnity policies. With the monopolies of the trade group and industry “collective” offerings, we knew that we could provide more coverage at a better price.

The best thing about using a brokerage like hpi online is that we work for you and not the insurance company. The best thing about using hpi online specifically is that your policies are tailored, handcrafted solutions that are specific to your line of work. The hpi online Professional Indemnity product isn’t appropriate for car salesmen or beauty therapists – it’s solely and wholly designed for health professionals – from the inclusions through to the policy costing – everything has been focused on delivering a product that meets your needs.

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